We won't sell you a new innovation strategy. We won't invent your next disruptive business model. But we will help you organise one heck of a hackathon.

Why organise a hackathon?

Hackathons are a bit of a hype right now because they work. They produce amazing results in just 2-3 days. They cut across red tape of a rigid organization, they shake up employees and attract outstanding talent from the outside. They put doers into the spotlight, they build camaraderie, they force people to think laterally. They introduce startup-style thinking and tools, remix your business with brand-new technologies, open data, connected devices and more. And above all, they are fun.

Hackathons aren’t magic though

Quite a lot of work goes into figuring out all the little details of a truly engaging and a profoundly useful hackathon. And you can’t just follow a checklist or a set methodology – it takes experience to quickly understand what you need, to ask the right questions and to help you find answers. That’s where we come in.


Clarify the goals of the hackathon (e.g. in context of innovation process or people development objectives), design a tailored and compelling format, elaborate challenges for hackathon teams


Compile detailed planning and checklist, both for the event itself and the preparation process, to ensure a painless execution


Craft internal and external communication strategy, create content and decide optimal communication tools, organise pre-event educational/inspirational workshops if necessary.

Find Experts

Recruit internal (e.g. domain experts) and external experts (e.g. serial entrepreneurs, top designers) as mentors, coaches and jury members.


Animation of the opening and closing sessions, facilitate team formation, ongoing coaching and feedback for teams, general troubleshooting, and educational workshops as needed


Post-event review with the organisers and participants. Compile roadbook and lessons learned for the next time.

We really like hackathons

We've organised quite a few
Startup Weekend

Your Hackathon Team

Leo Exter, Frank Boermeester and Tjorven Denorme have been active in the European startup scene for over a decade, working with dozens of technology startups, leading an acceleration program and organising over 150 workshops, conferences, hackathons and other events for startups. We know our way around startups and we have a great deal of experience organising events that tap into the amazing spirit of the tech revolution. Since 2013, Leo, Frank and Tjorven have been helping corporate enterprises organise their own hackathons.